Happy Anniversary to ME!!!

So, it’s been almost a month now since I got this, but I wanted to share because I’m pretty stoked.  For our 2nd anniversary (gasp! 2 years!?!?!) Josh got me a super awesome amazing I’ve-been-wanting-one-for-forever present.


It’s a camera!  Not just any camera, oh no.  It’s a top-of-the-line UNDERWATER digital camera.  My mother-in-law has one, and I’ve been jealous of it since the first time I laid eyes on it.  We took it on our honeymoon and were able to get some amazing pictures of us “snuba“ing.

snubaSo cool right?!?  Josh and I are waterdogs, so it’s nice to have a camera that I can take with us on all our adventures.

And it takes some pretty amazing pictures…




We’re already putting it to good use, and I’m excited about all the family memories we will get to capture with it!

P.S.  I should note that I’m a terrible wife… I didn’t get Josh anything… oops!


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