Pallet Planter

Well, the Decker household was a-buzz this weekend.  We got cracking on our yard: planting flowers, transplanting flowers, mowing, organizing our outdoor space.  I had a ton of fun, especially since I did a lot of watching.  The hubby is definitely the plant person of our family, so my job was the plead with him to do what he does all week at work for me this weekend, instead of just sitting and taking it easy.  It worked!  Partly because of my charm, but mostly because he’s just awesome like that.  This is the fruit of our.. er… his labor.  But hey, I’m the brains behind the operation.

It all started when my little bro came over, and I noticed a dilapidated old pallet in the back of his truck.  Having seen the gazillion and one uses for an old pallet on Pinterest, I immediately snagged it; it was headed toward the burn pile anyway.  And boy am I glad I did.  I convinced Josh to chop it apart for me this weekend.  I originally wanted to break it down and just reuse the wood to make a little window box for my kitchen window, kind of like this one from pinterest

wood pallet planters

but Josh, in his infinite wisdom, knew better.  He simple cut it down to the size we needed (that size being 32″ wide and two boards tall) and worked his magic to make it into an adorable planter box.  More like this one:

pallet planter... wonder if it would be good for strawberry's

I forgot to take a picture of the sawing, but he used a sawzall to cut it down to size.  Here is a picture of him screwing the basic box underneath the kitchen window.


You can see the where we made the cuts in this picture.  Basically, we, and by we I mean he, cut right at one of the center supports already in the pallet.  Then he ripped an extra board off the as-yet-to-be-used portion of the pallet and cut it down to size, then screwed it on to what used to be the side of the pallet, making the bottom of the planter.

But as you can see, there appears to be a major flaw in our plan, AKA, a huge gap between the boards that won’t hold dirt.  Have no fear, Josh had a plan.  He found an old scrap of window screen he had laying around, don’t ask my why he had that laying around because I don’t know, and we fitted it into the box like so:


I held the mesh apart while Josh dumped the dirt in on top of it before he carefully slid the screen down into the planter.  This way it fit down in the box about 3/4ths of the way: enough to cover the hole and keep the dirt from pouring through but not so tall that it poked out the top.  The black screen blends with the black soil and you can’t even tell it’s there.

Then we went to Lowe’s and bought some cute, cheap flowers to put in it.

We ended up with three begonia plants and one little trailing flower that I can’t remember the name of:


Oh, and Josh added a little resurrection fern he found to the side, so hopefully it will grow onto the sides of the flowerbox.  Isn’t it precious? I can’t get enough of it.  And I love looking at it while I wash dishes and watch Harley play in the yard.

Here’s a more distant shot.


And one more… because I think it’s so awesome:


So there’s that.  A little rustic charm added to our bland little house.  Poor thing needs all the help it can get.  Can anyone say curb appeal? So what about you?  Have you been out enjoying your yard?  The last few weeks have made me infinitely glad we made the decision to move.  Having a yard, a grill, sane neighbors, privacy, birds, woods, a dog, a patio, a yard, a yard… a YARD! has been amazing.  We are loving every minute of life right now.

P.S.  Here is the budget breakdown for my little window box:

Pallet – free

Screws – free (or already owned)

Bag of potting soil – $5 (used about 1/4th of it)

Begonias – 3 @ $2.50 each

Trailing flower – $3

Total: $15

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